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Guys: Whatever your reason for not going down, it’s time to give it another try! Plus, she’ll feel like something is wrong with her if you try really hard and she just can’t get there. Just be sure your fingers are very clean and that you have filed down any rough nail edges (see Tip #2 — she feels EVERYTHING down there).

To bring him in deeper, the woman can spread her inner thighs even wider and wrap her ankles gently around his calves.

With your bodies moving so closely together and in unison, it’s a subtle yet very pleasurable way to make love intimately.

IPV exists along a continuum from a single episode of violence to ongoing battering (1).

IPV includes four types of behavior: A new report from the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) indicate thatshows that intimate partner violence or IPV (IPV) affected 18.1 percent of adult females and 10 percent of adult males in Utah in 2016.

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