Advice on dating a leo man

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Chances are this man is courting seriously and will tie the Leo woman down after three months with an engagement.

Sex can be a staged performance more than with perhaps any other sign.

Leo has a way of bringing out the best in the Scorpion because when he is in love, he is absolutely faithful.

She finds this disarming because she is so suspicious.

You should be careful with flattery — make sure it is sincere, try to ask her about herself rather than just talking about yourself, focus on something fun like kids or recreation that you may have in common, promise her a crown and stars to put in it, and let her see that you know what she’s worth. You may see yourself as his future Queen, but it is more likely, at least at first, that he is looking for a loyal subject rather than someone with whom to share the realm.

Flattery, on the other hand, will get you everywhere.

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They’ll say things like “We have the stars, let’s not ask for the moon,” and “Ah, love, let us be true to one another for the world, which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams …” Such lines might make the other signs laugh, but when two Leos get together all the world is really a stage.For example, “the secretary” is a good role to play because it puts the woman in the subordinate position, yet lets her be organized and adorable.When it’s over there will be enough wounded pride to go around the world.He will follow the rules and follow them meticulously.Stray from the time honored traditions of courtship and you will fall from grace and become just like all the rest.

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