Archaeomagnetic dating limitations

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The PRP is Canada's leading police force in the investigation of human trafficking ...In 1995, this police force took down another gang that was similar to NPF in its trafficking of young Nova Scotian women into Ontario in that case, the PRP arrested seven people and issued more than 60 charges ...The Archaeomagnetic Laboratory at the Illinois State Museum has Secular Variation Curves for the Southwest, Mid-continent and Southeast United States.Additional data points from Archaeomagnetic samples with corresponding dating techniques such as Tree ring dating or carbon-14 dates, help refine the regional Curves.

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This is being undertaken with a range of commercial and academic archaeologists throughout Australia, but with a major concentration on the SE to date.These three components are fossilised within burnt rocks (volcanics), sediments (fireplace), artefacts (pottery, FMR, bricks and heat retainers) as they cool within the Earth’s Magnetic Field.Because these three components of the magnetic field of the Earth vary according to geographical location on the Earth, a regional calibration curve must be constructed before this dating method can be used and the density of points on that dating curve will determine the accuracy of dating available in that location.LOCATIONS to DATE: 1) Lake Mungo, NSW (with Nicola Stern, LTU; Zenobia Jacobs, UOW) 2) Apollo Bay, Victoria (with OAAV, BIOSIS) 3) Yea, Victoria (with BIOSIS) 4) Walpolla and Trawalla, Victoria (with Dr Vincent Clark and Associates) 5) Victorian Volcanics (with University of Melbourne and Museum Victoria) 6) Australian Lake Sediments (With University of Melbourne and Australian National University) OTHER LABS INVOLVED: Geomagnetism Laboratory, University of Liverpool, UK (with Mimi Hill) What is Archaeomagnetic Dating?(resource) Archaeomagnetic dating is based on the use of known secular variation in the three components of the Earth’s magnetic field (Horizontal, Vertical and Intensity) to date burnt features that contain the fossil direction of these components of the field.

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