Around the world customs in dating

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Both sexes usually wore flowing garments comparable to the modern woman's dress. In the Latin language this was called the palla (for women) or the pallium (for men).The toga was a garment like the pallium, more elaborately draped, and worn only by Roman citizens.The more research I have done on the subject, the more I have come to see how problematic is the widely-accepted interpretation of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 which asserts that Paul is merely urging the saints in Corinth to conform to local and secular customs.

This was to give free movement to their legs while running or working.

I conclude that Paul's explanations pertain to an established Christian custom, which may or may not have corresponded to any Jewish, Greek, or Roman custom of the time.

Most "cultural background" treatments of this subject have failed to recognize the importance of the fact that in the first century the Church was itself a sub-culture, having its own traditions and customs.

However, customs and traditions of celebrating the festival vary in different countries due to social and cultural differences.

Click on the links given below to find out how Valentine's Day is celebrated in countries around the world.

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