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My brother followed up with an email explaining that this was the reason for the recent absences, as they took time to process it and to support Laura, who wasn’t yet ready to share her changes with the broader family.

We will soon be having another gathering and Laura may be joining us.

The democratic rights and freedoms we possess are precious, and have inspired people around the world for generations. Today, and from here on out, you embody that promise, and you should always work to protect it.

Of course, you will never forget where you are from, and you will contribute to our shared culture by adding your foods, faith practices, traditions, and stories to it.

They fought in the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

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She will be part of your family for the rest of her life, and so don’t force yourself (or her) to cover too much ground in this one meeting.I hope you will leave this courthouse today knowing in your heart that your fellow American citizens are very grateful and proud that you are one of us.I put the word out on social media yesterday that I would be speaking with you today, and I want you to know that there has been a large and wonderful outpouring of support, encouragement and advice from your fellow Americans.By Amy Dickinson Dear Amy: I am one of six adult siblings.We gather once or twice a year in a low-key kind of way to stay connected and catch up.

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