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It's a cool and fun way for you, your date and your kids to hang out and mess about at the same time.After the game, your kids will have burnt all their energy and go to bed early while you and your date can nurse each others bruises and patch each other up - sponge bath anyone?

This single parents’ dating site operates worldwide, so many of the singles registered can be from overseas.

Bowling is yet another classic way to bring families together as opposed to awkward dinners to introduce your new guy or girl to the family.

Bowling is also an inexpensive night out in a relaxing environment.

You can register for free and take a look at how many single parents there are in your region and then decide from there if you want to continue or not (for non-paying members the service is very restricted).

The site is owned by, which boasts members somewhere in the region of 2 million.

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