Biker chick dating sites

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(As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online dating business for over 17 years!

Hook up with biker friends and singles to share their riding experiences and passion for motorcycles.

Following are the five main hand gestures you may encounter: - This is the "default" hand position of most cross-encounters.

Simply leaving his left hand on the handle bar can mean anything from "not paying attention to the fact you're approaching" to "I see you but I'm not interested in exchanging a greeting" - to the harsher, "I see you but since we don't enjoy any 'equity,' I'm not going to acknowledge your existence." Of course since no words are ever exchanged to clarify, all the rider can do is simply speculate. Left hand still on the handgrip, but the index and middle fingers raised briefly. " Most of the time the receiver will respond just out of courtesy.

- a biker dating site for motorcycle enthusiasts and those who love them.

We have hundreds of thousands of certified biker guys and biker chicks.

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