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“I predict that if we get those strong winds, we will see a fire at the rate of four hundred or five hundred feet per minute. As the wind whipped across the plains, it broke the crossbar braces on a utility pole that stood along a county road west of Ringgold.

Once the beam began to swivel, the unstable wires arced, gushing sparks onto the baked grass below.

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The Montague truck burst through a barbed-wire fence to escape, and one of the Nocona trucks raced down the road. “Montague,” Henley repeated, “put out an all-page for all available departments in Montague County coming this way.” His voice began to shake.

Henley took off in his pickup and desperately attempted to make radio contact with the other Nocona truck, which had been overtaken by a flash of flame. “Ringgold is in danger.” YOU COULD SAY 2004’s blessing became 2006’s curse.

Strong southwest and west winds combined with extremely low RH [relative humidity] and record above average temperatures will produce extreme fire danger over much of the state. The use of rotary wing aircraft during these high wind conditions will be limited and restricted and in some situations impossible.” That grim forecast meant trouble for the tiny town of Ringgold, a community of one hundred people just south of the Oklahoma border, in Montague County.Henley had become interested in firefighting when he was a student at the local high school.One Friday night he had been making the drag when he saw the trucks peel out of their station.On December 27 the town of Cross Plains had suffered a massive fire: Two women were killed, and 7,600 acres and 116 homes were lost. Since many of the fires had been started by people who were being careless, billboards went up stating, “Danger: Outdoor Burn Bans in Effect.” The only recourse beyond that was prayers for rain.In these conditions, some would have settled for humidity.

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