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" In addition to sharing 3 important tips, Adrienne also shares an incident she and her best friend Regina experienced when...The Swirl World Podcast Co-Host Adrienne London Leach chats with Matjaz Tancic, an international photographer specializing in taking photographs of interracial couples. Williesha Morris shares a slide show for her crowd funding campaign commemorating Loving Day 2016 in Birmingham, AL.Podcast co-host Adrienne London Leach chats with Stacy-Ann Gooden, aka “The Weather Anchor Mama.” Born in Jamaica but raised in the US, Stacy-Ann and her Irish/German husband enjoy life, laughter and love as their raise their two children.

Will plays the role of Virgil, Richard Loving’s best friend. We receive lots of emails and messages on Facebook. This email was FIRE: "His White ex-girlfriend called me a gorilla!Black women are known and praised for their loyalty – often to their own disadvantage. It works when we’re loved and adored by men who cherish and appreciate us. The Swirl World Co-Host Adrienne London Leach and guest Co-Host Dawn Sanchez chat it up with Keena Simmons.Keena established the goal of becoming an Ebony/Jet Beauty of the Week - and she accomplished it! In this “Unscripted” podcast episode, Co-Host Adrienne London Leach addresses the question: "To smile, or not to smile?Rachel Robinson encountered a variety of men during Seasons 1-3 of 50 Days of Dating. Listen as Adrienne examines what happened – and shares some important vetting tips.2017 marks the 50th year celebration of Loving Day, and today’s guest Williesha Morris is no stranger to Loving Day. In today’s show, The Swirl World Podcast Co-Host Adrienne London Leach chats with credit guru Angel Fisher.For the past four years, IR couple Williesha and husband Jason have hosted a Loving Day celebration in Birmingham, AL - the last... In today’s podcast, The Swirl World Podcast Co-Host Michelle Matthews-Calloway, Ph D discusses the ways in which being a desperado can sabotage your dating and relationship life. Angel provides what you need to know to get your credit in tip-top shape.

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