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But sexual communication is important to a relationship, and it's worth preserving if possible.

Assisted-living facilities struggle with this issue every day.

Some couples enjoy moments of reconnection in spite of dementia, but for others it can be a source of dismay.

You can try to explain your perspective, but the person with dementia may lack the ability to understand, and only feel rejected.

"They feel free of the marital commitment because the person they're with is not the same person anymore." Again, one is left weighing his or her individual moral and sexual appetite for an affair.

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"The best strategy is to let the person say what's on his mind and listen attentively.What would the person think if the situation were reversed? The inability to perform sexually often (not always) accompanies dementia.The net result -- looking at years of living with a mate but not a sexual partner -- is the same as for those who decide to cease sexual relations with a partner who has advancing dementia. "This becomes a time when people often have affairs," Robbins says -- including devoted spouses who would never have considered such a thing when their partner was healthy."There's a tendency to blame others for any difficulty they're experiencing," Robbins says.The more you protest, the more fixed this belief may become.

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