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Going out for other good reasons (spiritual growth, charity, fun with friends, etc.) often has few dating options.

In Catholic on-line dating, every person you meet is (we assume and hope) looking for marriage.

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However, your mileage may vary and take with a grain of salt. As I see it, here are the advantages to on-line dating: 1.

A wider search pool It makes sense to start your dating attempts meeting people off-line.

You can’t assume that any particular person has any particular (or correct) approach to their faith, but there are indications of what their approach is and whether it is compatible with yours.

Catholic Match also had the most important thing for me: enough members of sufficient quality to keep me busy until I found my lovely fiancée, who strives (with me) to be a good Catholic. Efficient Meeting people in real-life requires that you go out, probably on a regular basis.

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