Chinese dating show can you feel

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“There’s no question that family and parents are important in a marriage. Zhou said one reason Chinese parents had so much say over their child’s marriage was that many of the parents were paying for it.According to a 2015 report by the All-China Women’s Federation, the average age at marriage is 26.The parents’ children are in another room, where they can watch the proceedings through a monitor and communicate with their parents by phone.Only candidates approved by the parents are allowed to meet their children.

They bombard you with questions; everything from ‘How much do you make a year? ’.” The hugely popular show attracts an audience of over 50 million people per episode, all addicted to the intense and often materialistic responses from the contestants – one notably saying that she’d rather be crying in the back of a BMW than laughing on the back of a bike. He was approached to participate because of his unique background – and the unusual story behind his command of Mandarin.It featured two successful female entrepreneurs out of the three bachelorettes.And it’s hosted by China’s favorite openly transgender hostess.(In China, divorced women are often considered damaged goods.) Some critics called the show a revival of outdated arranged marriages (link in Chinese).Many say it reflects the “Giant Infant” culture described by psychologist Wu Zhihong in her acclaimed book to be somewhat progressive.

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