Comic updating scripts

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I keep hitting all three failure points simultaneously.

(08/13/2012) I somehow screwed up with the site update AGAIN?

If it's the latter, I won't be bothered by your email. (04/22/2013) this year for comic uploading screw-ups has not been great. I named the file with tomorrow's date by accident and my phone ran out of battery because I left my charger at work (normally, I get a text message and an email if the comic doesn't update).

Like most of the games I've been ripping recently, these are the ones that Watar started ripping and brought over with him during the BGHQ - BGX merge but never finished. However, Clock Tower was the hardest game to rip out of all of these. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "All News" to see older posts. It's Twisted Renders, ran by Tree, and has replaced Rockman Metro. Hopefully I'll be updating again sometime soon (which by now, all of you should know that by "soon" I mean "maybe in a month"). Some backgrounds in the background library were lacking thumbnails, this has been corrected today. Nosferatu's backgrounds are definitely going to be handy for folks sick of using Castlevania for all their castle needs.

You play as a cyborg ninja trying to save feudal Japan from getting nuked by a giant missile.

As near as I can figure, a few days after the Feb 12 strip ran, I re-scanned and re-uploaded it, presumably to fix an artistic error or typo.

But it looks like I mistakenly scanned the Feb 10 strip instead.

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