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Looking for date night sitter to come to my home and watch my kiddos.

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Converse, Texas is situated adjacent to Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph in NE Bexar County.Here's what this family is looking for: Need a sitter for 3 from to about or 11.Kids will be asleep for the majority of the night, with exception of the baby who will just want to spend time smiling at you.The baby is very sweet and enjoys making faces at us and smiling endlessly. I will need you to feed the two older kids food that is either already made or super easy like sandwiches so you will not have to cook.You will need to be okay with 3 small children as it can be challenging at times no matter how sweet and loving they are. They like to sing and dance, do puzzles and read and other kid stuff so hopefully you will play with them.

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