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A link to the MN short form wording is available at: https:// If you can please forward your question to [email protected] with your state and the type of notarial act the above wording is related to, our Hotline Counselors can assist you.My boyfriend is about to get a new state job in NY and has to prove that his name is on the lease of our house and that all the utilities (electric & gas) are in my name.Put in your state and the county where you are performing the notarial act.If it's not clear whether out-of-state certificate wording meets or conflicts with the requirements of Minnesota Notary law, we recommend instead attaching and completing a loose certificate using the appropriate short form wording provided in MS 358.48 for the notarial act requested instead.If your boyfriend is the person whose signature is being notarized, he would need to appear in person before the Notary. The signer would have to personally appear before the Notary in California, present satisfactory evidence of identity and meet all requirements of CA Notary law.It's not clear from your question if you are named in the documents you are describing.However, it is not permitted to simply "stamp and sign" a document that lacks any certificate wording. I'm a California notary and just recently I did loan docs from Florida and I was told that with the Jurats that you must have a California loose certificate.Also, the section of the Florida loan docs that required acknowledgments didn't have the penalty of perjury statement so I did all loose cert attachments.... Hello Penny, CC 1189[c] specifically refers to acknowledgment certificates on documents to be filed in a state or jurisdiction outside California.

Would I be able to get the documents done here in NC instead and fax them to him. Hello, To have signatures notarized at your location, the signer must physically appear in person before the Notary and follow all other state notarial laws. Thank you Hello, A California Notary could notarize a signature on a document being sent to Kentucky.Am I wrong, in this case, and I am bound under the state of California, a state I have never set foot in. Hello Michael, The Minnsota Secretary of State's office does not address this specific issue on their website.Regarding out-of-state certificates, they have posted the following: Can I notarize a document that was created in another state? The portion of the notarial certificate that says "State of _________, County of _________" is called the venue and reflects where the notarization occurs regardless where the document originated.You are correct that when executing jurats, California Notaries are required to use the statutory CA jurat wording exactly as prescribed in statute.Unlike many other states, CA Notaries are required by law to certify when executing a jurat that the signer was identified by the Notary through satisfactory evidence--which is why in the situation you described you would need to still use the CA jurat wording, because identifying the signer is not part of the jurat requirements or wording in Florida.

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