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They spend the most money on each shopping trip, and as they are hitting retirement, they are more likely to splurge on items that aren’t on the grocery list.Surprisingly, this generation even spends the most on technology—everything from premium cable to the latest smartphone.Same thing happens when my aunts discover their favorite wines, they will buy every bottle Trader Joes has as if it’s Apocalypse Now.If you can prove that your product is great quality and will be necessary for an indefinite amount of time, you should be able to acquire some Boomers as customers.The Boomers are the most likely to misunderstand Facebook remarketing ads clogging up their Newsfeeds but still be receptive to direct marketing/sales tactics; they like to talk to real people.Boomers have the highest value as consumers in the market today!According to the AARP, US adults over 50 spend .2 trillion annually and have accumulated trillion in financial assets; which is greater than the total GDP of countries such as Italy, Russia, the UK and France!

According to Pro salesman Jeffery Gitomer, upselling can also help build better relationships with your customers; it’s also much easier to upsell than to generate a net-new sale! Tie in Cash-Back Cash back can be a bit of a commitment for someone who isn’t trying to spend a ton of money to earn it.

A great way to capitalize on the extra cash Baby Boomers are dishing out is to utilize up-sells.

In particular, this generation is a fan of entertainment, wine, and buy the most prescription medicine (I’m not kidding! They tend to like knowing the value of a service—how it will make their lives easier—without feeling pushed.

My aunts and uncles fall into the Boomer generation, and if I have learned anything from watching their shopping habit it is loyalty.

When my uncle heard a rumor that his favorite deodorant (Old Spice Original) was changing their formula, he went out and bought enough to last him the rest of his life.

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