Criss angel dating history

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Curze taught his Legion to make an example of those who stood against them, to destroy their enemies' cities, slay their kin and display their broken corpses as a message to all others.

In the brutal underworld in which he had matured, the Primarch had learned that only total dominance would suffice and that to show any sign of weakness was to invite treachery.

The Night Lords conquered utterly those who did not welcome the coming of the Great Crusade, crushing all opposition in such an overwhelming and brutal fashion that no others would dare resist.

As with so many of the Primarchs who rebelled against the Emperor and all they had been created to stand for, Konrad Curze crossed a line from which there was no return.

Even when Curze joined his brothers in the glorious campaigns of the Great Crusade, he appeared to hold to such views, eschewing such notions of hope and optimism which drove others for a believe in the dark realities of the natural order.

He remained sullen and introspective, and shunned the companionship of his brothers.

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