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It really increased the accuracy of the robot's position during the movement - it went from lagging by 2 inches or more to lagging by 0.5 inches at most.without it, I also saw the robot experience almost double the jerk that I specified.I dont want the protocol driver to call Ndis IMInitialize Device Instance Ex to create a virtual miniport.This is because, I need the Device Instance Id(\ROOT\NETXXX) of the virtual miniport to be consistent.

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The paper also discusses the motion magic feature of the Talon SRX.

This paper demonstrates team 900's efforts in using motion profiling on the Talon SRX.

It is written for Lab VIEW and the example code is Lab VIEW, but the concepts can be applied to any other language.

This paper is the result of FRC team 900's work with motion profiling using the Talon SRX.

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