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In fact, in the first two months of the White account, all of the agents working as Jessica were males of ages 20-40.

The In Q office was filled with Jessicas working on different websites such as, and, all corresponding to roughly similar pictures of the blond, attractive woman ready to answer all your questions.

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In 1950, British Mathematician and cryptologist Alan Turing published the paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” which has since become the cornerstone in the modern scholarly discourse on Artificial Intelligence.

Turing begins his paper around the hotly debated question “can machines think? He is notably reluctant to define what it is to “think”, wishing to avoid providing a definition that could either be used as an inflexible referent that gains credibility on the strength of his reputation alone or initiating a semantics battle over the definition which would obscure the point of the paper.

The entity in the other room, which could be a human or machine, sends back answers to the questions that are first interpreted by a human test conductor and given back to the one who wrote the questions.

If the individual who asks the questions cannot determine if he is talking to a machine or not, then Turing concludes that the machine could be termed intelligent.The way that the customers personally related to and trusted Jessica’s authenticity consistently astounded me as I sometimes lost sight of the avatar I impersonated only to be reminded by the femininity they projected upon me.Some customers so thoroughly believed this domestication of the internet, that they contributed their only gestures of intimacy, sometimes referring to me as “Jessie” in their conversations or even as “Miss Jessica”.The overwhelming majority of customers fully bought into the Jessica masquerade, often typing personal testimonies of their trials and tribulations in trying to get their phone connected and appealing to Jessica’s implied sense of personal concern and warmth.Jessica was always sympathetic, but she was also a saleswoman, trained to guide customers to the latest long distance plans and rebates so she could make a fifty cent commission on each sale.

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