Dating a big guy

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Some helpful tips for losing weight:-low carb/high fat or medium carb/low fat = stick to 1 and you will lose weight-there are no supplements that will burn fat with the exception of green tea extract and caffeine but it's only a 5% - 15% boost depending on your genetics-nicotine is one hell of a body fat releaser especially on keto, no don't use cigs either vape or use nicotine gum. If you don't think your social & dating life will improve I would suggest reading through the 100s and 100s of experiences others have had after losing weight:https:// different after weight loss Yes, society sucks.5'8" and have weighed as much as 225 lbs (currently about 200).Don't worry, you will not get addicted with SOLEY nicotine you will need to MAO-I inhibition (antidepressant from cigs) to get the addiction. For the most part, it's been pretty abysmal, at least until recently.I was just about fed up and was about to delete the app when I got a message from a match.I had never been messaged first by something that wasn't a robot (and haven't since), so I was taken by surprise." That's usually my go to answer to that question knowing daaaamn well that's not the full truth lol I just started working 76 hours a week recently so it's hard to think about anything besides work, beer or video games but I bet if I was working 40 hours a week and had time to dwell on my loneliness or I was a college student and everyone around me was talking about relationships or sex 24/7 then it'd be on my mind a lot more and it would more than likely make me pretty sad.

I eventually realized that I was kinda the bottom of the barrel when it came to dating economics, got kinda depressed, gained a lot of weight (up to 225), then decided I'd had enough and started losing weight, which takes us to present day. Matched with a few women, but, just like before, they were the low self esteem types that cycle from one bad relationship to the next.

In high school I was mostly ignored, not for lack of trying, everyone's standards we're just higher than I was as an akward fat dude. At 31, met a girl (who is chubby herself) who actually liked my weight. One of only 2 girls I ever dated.20 years old, 6'0 265lbs , I've never dated or had sex.

Neways, I've had a lot of random success with big dry spells in the middle. I don't look like a threat, so I'm safe to hook up with. So I'm not intimidating to approach either.5'11" 375 lbs (180 cm 170 kg). Even after getting down to 290 lbs, there was no change. When a fungal infection took my diet and workout regimen off track, I gave up and gained the weight back.

Women still need to be attracted to you visually, then they will get to know you.

If you are deemed ugly/fat, you don't exist and they won't pay attention to anything you say.

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