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No such thing if the title above means to cite a book or treatise written by Jane Austen herself entitled something like, “My Theology, By A Lady.” There were other working, tentative titles, not chosen, for this discussion – including “Jane’s Faith,” “J.Austen’s Creed,” “A Lady’s Gospel,” “Jane’s Beliefs,” and “J.The celebration has morphed over the centuries, eventually coming to be named Guy Fawkes Day, with more recent incarnations less politically and religiously oriented.Fawkes, despite being associated with a terrorist-based plot, has been used as a symbol of resistance via pop-cultural expression and real-world protests.'But instead of being funded by the Vatican, which is fighting court cases by denying any legal responsibility to pay, almost half a billion of the money paid out in America was borrowed from AIB in Dublin.The Mo S has also discovered that the loans are now being quietly repaid.The conspirators were able to obtain a plot of space directly under the parliamentary building, and Fawkes, using the name John Johnson in his guise as caretaker, was charged with watching and manning the gathered barrels of gunpowder.

As Fawkes climbed the ladder to the hanging platform to meet his fate, he jumped and broke his neck, dying instantly. The day of November 5 came to be declared a national holiday as a day of “thanksgiving,” offering anti-Catholic sentiments that would later vanish.

Berry also claims that out of 194 Catholic dioceses in America, 45 banked with AIB.

In the book, he asks: 'Was AIB a pass-through for Vatican funds to help certain dioceses while others had no such advantage?

The Gunpowder Plot, as it became known, would result in an explosion intended to kill the king, his oldest son and members of the House of Lords and House of Commons.

The group also planned to kidnap James’s daughter Elizabeth and have her wed a Catholic ruler from abroad, thus reestablishing Catholicism in England.

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