Dating a dentist

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He says, "If a team member dates a patient and they keep it professional, it's okay. Life is good," "I am the dentist," recounts another from Nevada. That was 12 years ago and we have been together ever since.

But a dentist should not date patients." For some, there's a fairytale ending Yet both male and female dentists report marrying patients. The best years of my life." And one woman writes, "Only once and I married him!

The nationwide survey found that one in five dentists, including male and female dentists, reports becoming romantically involved with a patient at some point in their careers. "I'm in the military -- it would be a career ender for me to become involved with my patients," comments a female Georgia dentist. Men, though, are more likely to comment on the fact that "romantic chemistry just happens," as a male Connecticut dentist sighs.

However, male dentists were significantly more likely to mix business and pleasure with patients than their female counterparts (or are at least they are more willing to confess they do). "Not an issue that I should care about if it doesn't affect my work," adds a California male. There can be chemistry that takes place between a man and a lady irrespective of the patient-doctor thing," says a male dental student responding from Africa.

) Some women were very aggressive when approaching me for a date.

I am an open book and never shy away at the chance to tell others about my experience—but there are times even I am like, “Ugh, I really don’t feel like getting into it”.

Recounts a male implantologist, "I became romantically involved with several patients when I was single, young and foolish." Adds a female general dentist with a similar frame of mind, "When I first started as a dentist and was working in a clinic, I had a relationship with a patient. Some dental practices attempt to avoid these situations: Cautions a female California dentist, "That seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen!

" "Business and personal relationships must be kept separate," advises a male dentist in New York.

Dentists get a bad rap; as children we are terrified of them and as adults we just think they’re going to pull our teeth out.

But dentists are actually really nice people and they make great life partners!

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