Dating a girl with adhd

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There would be red flags if he got angry at you, if he pressured you on some level (saying something like this is your only chance, etc.), or if he insulted you in some way for not wanting to hang out at 4 AM. And the fact that you had a great conversation shows that there could be something there (once he learns to get his urges under control).If you were one of my close female friends, I wouldn’t stop you from going for it.They lived in a different county, which meant a lot of travel time when it was our turn to have the kids. For a person with ADHD who needs structure and organization in order to function, this setup was impossible to maintain. Living with my ADHD and being married to someone with ADHD meant that there was always a mess to clean up.He did laundry obsessively, but never folded it, leaving a trail of clothing all around the house.We talked for a while and had a really great conversation, but my friends had to leave rather abruptly so the conversation was cut short.We got each others numbers and around 4 AM he texted me saying that he wished the night didn’t have to end so soon.After all, we were both fighting some of the same battles, right? For me, two adults struggling with ADHD meant flaring tempers, impatience, and messiness.There was the time when we were attempting to co-parent his children from a previous relationship.

And if we’re sticking with the language metaphor, having ADHD is like speaking a language even don’t understand.

I was able to get out and rescue a bit of my sanity, but the healing process is a long, hard journey.

Sometimes ADHD symptoms can make you feel difficult to love, and you never feel more difficult to love than when you’re walking away from a person who swore to love you forever — for better or worse.

Being surrounded by piles of unfolded clothes overwhelmed me, and that feeling just shuts my brain down — it always has.

When I shut down or got depressed, my ex got frustrated. Conversely, his constant need to be in motion but never accomplish anything annoyed me bitterly. I could think of dozens of other instances just like these — mundane, everyday disagreements that exploded into something much bigger.

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