Dating a histrionic

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(Source: Try Online Counseling: Get Personally Matched In considering individuals who create the most damage to social and personal relationships, the abusers, manipulators, “players”, controllers, and losers are found in Cluster B.For this reason, this article will focus on the behaviors associated with Cluster B personality disorders.

They feel entitled to special attention, privileges, and consideration in social settings.

A pervasive pattern of intense yet unstable relationships, mood, and self-perception. Common characteristics include panic fears of abandonment, unstable social relationships, unstable self-image, impulsive/self-damaging acts such as promiscuity/substance abuse/alcohol use, recurrent suicide thoughts/attempts, self-injury and self-mutilation, chronic feelings of emptiness, inappropriate yet intense anger, and fleeting paranoia.

A pervasive pattern of excessive emotional display and attention-seeking.

A pervasive preoccupation with admiration, entitlement, and egotism.

Individuals with this personality exaggerate their accomplishments/talents, have a sense of entitlement, lack empathy or concern for others, are preoccupied with envy and jealousy, and have an arrogant attitude.

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