Dating an electrovoice 664

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And Bill Champlin sounded great singing thru it when we had the Opposite Six (pre-Sons) play at rallies. It's my favorite inside the kick mic, and also a fav for "different" sounding electric guitars.As for the" Buchanan Hammer" moniker, it's all true. Anyhoo, I recently came across one of these mics, and I don't recall what the issue with the connector was but currently it is in a state of disrepair.It was common practice in the '60's to use a 664 to pound a few spikes into the stage to keep the kick drum from sliding away from the drummer (crappy 60's drum legs....), then you would screw the 664 onto a stand, and use it for your lead vocal! BTW, it's not chrome per se, but polished zinc, which looks a lot like chrome. There are four colored wires, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me step by step how to re-solder this mic back into working condition.That's also why so many of them are pitted on the outside now. My appointment was late and didn't call, so I went to garage sales! There's a red, green, yellow, and white wire coming out the bottom of the mic. david btw, just scored a shure 777 SA at the flea market last weekend." "You're not going to use that on me , are you" "Alien and anal probes" were often topics it inspired also .That kind of conversation Well I'll be damned, somebody actually has figured out a use for them! It used a resistance controlled diaphragm with multiple spaced ports in the rear and side.

They were one of the few dynamic shotguns that were really useful for such.

Might have been the most popular PA mic in history. It's used in the PA system in hell for announcements..."attention hell residents: complimentary pints of straight tabasco sauce are being served at the hell bar during unhappy hour"... Here is a link to a recent thread that some of you may have seen. I think I just caught an insidious vintage stuff is cool indeed , you know its been cool before and can easly be cool again . The 644 is probably the most useless microphone I've ever encountered.

666 is similar to 664, but has much better LF response and no presence peak at least in the specs. with a little elbow butter this is one Im slowly working on as I had problems finding someone to black crome it that and plan to add a ribbon motor to it my fav as far EVs go Electro-Voice Model 726 "Cardyne I" Microphone I love the Re-15 on guitar amps! Be careful you don't scramble the numbers and instead of getting a 664 (IMO close to useless) you get a 644 (IMO makes the 664 seem absolutely wonderful in comparison).

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I`ve got one that I never had a cord to work with it. Is it worth shelling out the .00 for a new cord or am I better off buying a beer. I like using old EVs as the second mic on gtr amps.

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