Dating fender serial number

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This Olmo Serial Number Dating Registry records Olmos with original dated bike parts or provenance, and sometimes only with decals, in order to attempt correlating an Olmo serial number to a year or year range. Absence of a question mark means there is some certainty about a bike's year or a range of years, established by parts dating, provenance, etc., or by preceding or following dated bikes.

Later Olmos with date-able elements are actively added, as well as pre-1978 Olmos. A TIPO RONDINE decal may or may not appear on some older Olmo bikes, and refers to the Agrati AM lugs, with 'rondine' meaning 'swallow.' Some older Olmos have the ornate Agrati lugs which Emilio Bozzi sold as Brianza sportiva lugs; the accompanying Agrati rear dropouts are stamped with a scalloped back.

Numeric serial numbers were used from the late 1970s, and then discontinued. Serial numbers are stamped on the seat lug on older bikes, or on the bottom bracket underside on later bikes (sometimes matched by a serial number on the fork steerer tube). after the year of an Olmo in this Registry designates uncertainty about its year or range of years.

However a few Olmos with Brianza lugs have Rondine decals, so go figure. Dating bikes by bike parts is not an exact science since dated parts could be used into following year(s).

Simplex (made in Italy) derailleurs, the front being the Competition and the rear the Juy-51.Provenance: owner purchased it used in 1964, seller said it was 1-3 years old. Olmo [Professional Deluxe] Mc Nary: Swallow rondine lugs with seat lug side slot; Campagnolo dropouts; chrome frame stripped of paint/decals BRAZE-ONS: top tube brake cable ORIGINAL PARTS: Mafac centerpull brakes; Ambrosio adjustable stem; Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur with cable adjuster, Gran Sport front derailleur, and shifters; Campagnolo crankset and high flange hubs DATING: Probably the PROFESSIONAL DELUXE model; Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur lost its cable adjuster around 1960; Mc Nary: ".original owner said he had purchased it in the 60's... decal on seat tube panel; OLMO in star under Olympic rings at top of forks; CAMBIO CAMPAGNOLO winged wheel at top of downtube DATING: CAM 60 locknut on Campagnolo hub; Gran Sport rear derailleur has cable adjuster which ended in 1960. Olmo Gran Sport Ford Kanzler: Swallow rondine lugs ORIGINAL PARTS: "Campagnolo Gran Sport components. Nisi rims, Ambrosio Champion stem, Mafac brakes." Olmo headset and seat post collar; Olmo three-pin cottered crankarms with Magistroni chainrings; dropout shows the pad around the Campagnolo Sport derailleur hanger hole; Campagnolo high flange hubs with straight quick release levers DATING: Provenance dates it around 1962. 1961, as originally-equipped" "This particular Olmo was purchased around 1962 from Ted Ernst's Bicycle Super Mart in Manhattan Beach, CA by a high school mate of mine." Has Gran Sport rear derailleur without cable adjuster which is 1960 .It is the Gran Sport model due to having the forged dropout with the Campagnolo Sport derailleur hole, plus the owner said so. Serial Number E208 1960-1961 Olmo Professional Deluxe Swallow rondine lugs; chromovelato frame stripped to its chrome BRAZE-ONS: top tube brake cable ORIGINAL PARTS: Olmo seat post collar; Campagnolo shifters, Gran Sport rear derailleur with cable housing adjuster, and Gran Sport front derailleur; Campagnolo crankset, pedals, hubs, and headset; Mafac brakes; Ambrosio handlebars and adjustable stem Serial Number E395 1961-1962 Olmo Professional Deluxe David Snyder//dddd/ Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slot; chrome head lugs; chrome fork and fork crown; chrome stay ends; chrome panel on seat tube; Falck tubing; gold chromovelato paint BRAZE-ONS: top tube brake cable ORIGINAL PARTS: Original bike; "[151 BCD] Campagnolo earliest (1959 production) crankset..."original finish, red flamboyant over chrome, no transfers, Agrati "AM" lugset, Campagnolo 1010 ends, semi-sloping crown w/horizontal groove in outer side and reinforcement tangs. Ambrosio Champion steel stem and Ambrosio Champion alloy bar. " BRAZE-ONS: Threaded holes in bridges for mudguard attachment.DATING: Probably the Professional Deluxe model due to chromovelato finish. Olmo [Special] Victor Hernandez/Steel is Real FB: Brianza lugs; chrome head lugs and fork crown; Agrati stamped dropouts with scalloped backs ORIGINAL PARTS: Magistroni half step crankset and bottom bracket, Huret Allvit rear derailleur (with shield), Huret 600 front derailleur (no slot on top of cage), Huret shifters (pebble finish on lever pads), Balilla Brevatatto brakes, OLMO headset and seat post clamp DATING: Probably the Special model due to stamped dropouts. Olmo [Special] rsan1650/e Bay: Brianza lugs; chrome fork crown; Agrati stamped dropouts with scalloped backs BARE FRAME DATING: Probably the Special model due to stamped dropouts. Olmo [Special] Glen Gallo//Gallo/ Brianza lugs; chrome head lugs and fork crown; chrome stay and fork ends; Agrati stamped dropouts with scalloped backs; no braze-ons ORIGINAL PARTS: OLMO headset and seat post clamp; Magistroni crankset; Campagnolo shifters with no-D-ring bolt tightened by screwdriver; Nisi Toro rim (original?

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