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If he was like a lot of other developing gay boys, he was probably scapegoated and physically harassed.

Many of us, including me, were terribly bullied as children.

If you are fortunate enough to be pretty, by all means enjoy it but understand that you will need something else to sustain you, particularly as you get older.

If your looks are average at best, don’t fool yourself into thinking that your more attractive counterparts are happier or more fulfilled than you are.

As a matter of fact, you may have a head start in figuring out the true meaning in life and finding values that will sustain you over the long haul.2) Remind yourself that others are human.

For gay men to judge and put other gay men down makes about as much sense as Newt Gingrich condemning someone else’s infidelity.

But what to do when those physical qualities in which you have invested your self worth start to dissipate, as they inevitably do as we age?

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Bergeron grew up nervous, awkward, poor at sports and unable to interact with other boys.Joan Collins once said that physical beauty is a gift granted in youth that is taken away little by little over time.Thus, gay men who are lucky to live long enough to age must face the decline of their attractiveness.Bergeron and many gay men do, and finding a world that suddenly values, respects, and admires you.People are paying you a lot of attention and you are perhaps having a lot of sex—comforting salves to the childhood wounds that lay buried deep within.

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