Dating girl in surat

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90% of all Thai-Farang sex on Koh Samui is happening on the beach towns on the eastern side of the island, especially Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai (Hat is the Thai word for beach).

Excuse me, of course I mean 90% of the on Samui are found on the east coast.

It’s an about 300 meter long horseshoe shaped alley on the Beach Road and feels like Walking Street , with a couple of go go bars, three night clubs and about a dozen of girly bars (or beer bars).

The most popular place on Soi Green Mango is Henry Africa’s Bar (see first picture of the guide), that is packed every night with mostly tourists, some expats and lots of hot Thai girls who don’t carry name tags but are employed by the bar and you can buy them drinks for 90-150 Baht and take out later on by paying the bar fine of 400 Baht.

I have highlighted the main hotspots of bars on the map, they are often clustered together with massage salons (see below).

The highest concentration of beer bars on Koh Samui is all along Soi Reggae on the peninsular at Chaweng Lake.

Of course there are also plenty of “normal” bars that don’t have prostitutes employed, but then still you will find a lot of freelancers hitting up those bars.

Beer from 80 Baht, Lady Drinks 150 Baht, Sang Som including mixers 400 Baht and the Bar Fine is 300 Baht. Chonaticha’s gets so busy on some nights that they close as late as 10am.

But of course the red light entertainment on Koh Samui isn’t limited to Soi Green Mango only.

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