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Moreover, the slots in tackle boxes for lures rarely were large enough to hold a box.The art of matching a lure to a box can be a challenge as it requires at a very minimum a understanding of how lure makers marked the boxes and what all those numbers and/or letters on the boxes mean.As an example, the well-known Pikie was assigned the number 700.If the color of the Pikie was Perch Scale, the number on the box was then 701; the number '01' was indicative of the Perch Scale color. Similiarly, Creek Chub's Dingbat lure, #5100, in Perch Scale would be 5101 and one in White Head & Black would be 5111.It came in a number of colors but each color was assigned it's own number.Thus, if the lure was in the color Rainbow (1), the number was 101; solid white (2) was numbered 102 and so on.As an example, the 1922 Heddon catalog lists the following codes for the Dowagiac Minnow, the 100 series: 100 Fancy Green Back (0 is the color code; 100 is the series number) 101 Rainbow (1 is the color code) 102 White body with red eyes (2 is the color code) 104 Red body with dark blended back (4 is the color code) For the vast majority of Heddon color codes, the number 0 thru 8 were primarily used to indicate colors.Over the history of Heddon, however, the color and/or description of the color for each of these numbers was not uniform.

On occasion, Heddon used a letter or letters as suffixes to indicate certain features of the lure.It's not hard to understand why this is the case since most fishermen threw away the boxes after purchasing the lures.Tackle boxes hold only so much gear and boxes took up a lot of space.This applies to Heddon codes used from 1946 to date and in a few instances, some lures produced before 1946.In 1946, Heddon changed their bait numbering system. In the past some confusion has been experienced due to the numbering systems of Heddon..." Based on my limited time in the hobby, this was a classic understatement!

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