Dating in the south pacific

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Certainly photogenic, local actors Mungau Dain, Marie Wawa, and Marceline Rofit (Wawa’s mischievous little sister) ably carry the story.

Co-directors Bentley Dean and Martin Butler are romantics themselves, echoing Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s fantasies of noble Tahitians against which he could project the squalor of 18th century France.

Ever since, men here (especially when paying tourists come around) sport traditional penis wrappers, and women wear bark skirts.

Community leaders continue to boast that they alone protect and preserve island custom, even though most everyone on Tanna remains committed to ancestral tradition.

The camera looks down into a luscious world of brown skin and green nature, of smiles and song, of wise elders and mischievous children.

In real life, Yakel is a popular tourist site, located only a few kilometres up the hill from Lenakel, Tanna’s main town centre.Love complicates the difficult and complex marriage deals that parents arrange, as do elopements such as the one staged between Dain and Wawa in the film.It is no surprise, then, that island languages have modest romantic lexicons.Three or four families may chain together in a circle, each passing a girl along to the next.Or if girls are scarce, a groom may promise to give back a future daughter.

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