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The timing of certain tests, the monitoring of the baby's growth, and the correct diagnosis of premature labor, or being truly "overdue," (postdates), as well as many other situations that arise in the course of a typical pregnancy, all depend on a correct determination of the EDC for appropriate management.

In the past, the EDC was calculated by using Naegele's Rule, which determined the date by subtracting 3 months from the 1st day of the last period and then adding 7 days.

Therefore, knowing when fertilization and conception happen can be a bit tricky.

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If you are concerned about development, you don’t start counting at week 3 but start at the time of fertilization, two weeks later.Therefore, the embryological age is generally two weeks later.But remember, we have essentially picked gestational age as the convention for discussing pregnancy dates.If there are markers in development to suggest that the embryological age is different (for example, the fetus is 12 weeks, not 13 weeks), the gestational age is often reported to the mother.In our example, the dating would be changed to 14 weeks.

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