Dating tips in the philippines dating a mother

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I've picked up about 100 words of Tagalog, but I'm really bad with languages and I only regularly hear it spoken once a week, so my progress has been slow.We've been here three years, and just committed to 5 more, so I'm biting the bullet and taking formal lessons in Tagalog in the new year," explained another expat.However, much of Tagalog is from the Spanish which I know and so many, many English words and whole phrases are thrown into conversations that I can usually grasp what the subject is at least.Also filipinos are emotive and watching them while they talk helps too," said one retiree in Manila.

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"I am a student of European languages but Tagalog is so different in structure and vocabulary that I have given up trying to learn it.Be aware, that is the only way a "foreigner" can actually own land in the Philippines," explained another expat. Her writing lags behind her reading somewhat but she certainly can read quickly and her pronunciation is excellent."For about 0 a year I send my daughter to a very good private school there and after her first year she spoke and could read and write English almost as good as I. It's mostly at university level where the schools tend to fall off," commented one expat living in Angeles City.Sometimes you also come across older ladies who just like to stroke and pet cute little kids, no matter what their race, and feel free to do so.My kids are used to it now, but I still have to control the urge to tell these women to step back and keep their hands to themselves.

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