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You won’t even have to worry about paying a bill, and you can tag team the dish washing duties. With sites such as Air Bn B, Uber, apps that share homes, bikes, and all kinds of other things, as well all the dating apps out there, it was only a matter of time before dogs got involved. Using an app such as Bark’N’Borrow, it’s easy to help people find furry friends to spend time with, and help dogs have a little more “human time.” They offer activities such as play-dates and dog sitting services.The first question they asked each other was, “Were you born overseas?” Instead of a tablecloth and candles, there were white slips of paper and clipboards. It’s such a great concept that many others are spring up all over.Some apps even offer in-home boarding options rather than the dog having to go to a kennel.

I took that same fun idea and applied it to my date night! ), we have the BEST printables to help this date go off without a hitch!

As we finished up my husband commented how much fun this date was and that he wanted an encore in the future.

What more can you ask for but for your date to want to do it again?!

We always love to start with a fun invite and this time with have 2 variations – 1 for people who like frisbee and/or golf…

and 1 for those of you who don’t, but like to shake things up 😉 To prepare for the date you’re going to want the super cute printables, tape if you are going to a park , and of course… If you want to go pro, you can get specialty frisbees made just for frisbee golf!

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