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Doing so i spotted a woman who looked to be my type. I lost track of myself for a day and a half straight.I remember little of what i said or did during that time.Flirt even allows me to request to ask for a specific info such as weight, tattoos, body complexion :) I recommend to use Flirt if you want to find nice people for fun chatting and hot conversations online. They must answer for lots of sites because they give you a response number and the woma asked the site and the number and said " sorry it's not possible for you to join" or somethig, And I sad why and she said we cant reveal the info. Charged me over 40 pounds, but what's truly appalling is the quality of their adds.I have been on a few websites but I have never been on a website we're almost every woman there wants to rip you off!! I would recommend that any man stay as far away from this site as you possibly can, and any site that is affiliated with them stay away from them you can look it up I have never been on a dating site. Got like 50 messages and only 1 guy I'm interested in it won't let me message anymore. So I go back on after a month and have all these gross messages and pics and the guy I'm interested in messaged me 3 times and I got an message from the site saying I have free memebership until June 6. Many "made up" accounts to bring the traffic to their website.It’s also illegal to send unsolicited text messages from an auto-dialer — equipment that stores and dials phone numbers using a random or sequential number generator.I have always been slightly dubious about online dating but having just come out of a long-term relationship, I needed to get back out there and looking for people who want the same thing as me.After messaging a lot different woman on this site, I would have to say they were all fake profiles.And to top this off, they deleted my account for no reason, tried to tell me it was for security reasons, and would not reimburse me.

I have been able to message tons of fantastic people and can't wait to see who else I can connect with. They charged my card WITHIN the 3-day trial membership for .9 & .97.I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for their next romantic encounter. After several minutes started realizing that most of the interaction I was getting was not with genuine people. Then I read the welcome e-mail after signing up that stated there were (employee and computer generated) accounts that would interact with members in order to "enhance" the experience... They then tell me, oh well too late we already took your money but we've moved your membership to another one of our sites. So I am currently filing a complaint with the FTC on this.I would get messages from people as soon as I logged in, but they would never answer back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND ALL OF THEIR OTHER SITES!!!However, I would recommend flirt.com, you just have to stick with it!I have tried a variety of sites but I am absolutely in love with

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