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Dining in the café does not require purchase of an admissions ticket to the Museum.Open: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs 8 am - 5 pm | Tues 8 am - 9 pm | Fri 8 am - 2 pm.Dining in the restaurant does not require purchase of an admissions ticket to the Museum.Museum members and Friends of the Israel Museum are entitled to a 10% discount.Modern, the Museum's kosher meat restaurant, is designed in an early modernist style.

If returning from death is abused repeatedly, then They Killed Kenny Again. Takeshi Kovacs: Death isnt up to us to give or withhold. Similarly, if the entire supporting cast is being killed off left and right, expect a resurrection by the end of the current arc. So whatever the price is, surely youd be happy to pay it. If you ever hear passing mention of any form of afterlife in a series, be warned that the value of "dead" has become a whole lot less all of a sudden.For inquiries: 02 563-6280; Fax: 02 561-8399; [email protected] To arrange events: 054-884-7133 or 050-997-8800 See Mansfeld's website » Chic Café is a dairy café located at the entrance to the Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Model.The menu includes fine coffee and cold drinks, sandwiches, salads (soups in the winter), cakes, ice cream and snacks.

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