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She was after all a close friend of his as well as a long-time co-star. Sorry Dianna but a quick search on your IMDB profile shows us your only pressing concern at the time was promoting “The Family”.

And she didn’t really do a good job on that front because the movie flopped just as much as the rest of her movies have proven to do. It’s why she’s still willing to come back after Lea and Ryan Murphy in spite of them snubbing her.

They even have a regular girlie night that they call the 'First Wives Club.'Michele says: 'It started a year and a half ago.'The girls would get a bottle of red wine and stay a few hours after work to hang out and catch up in my trailer.'Now we do it whenever we want.'Occasionally we'll let one of the boys in and it's so funny to hear them talk about it. Agron says she was once accidentally punched in the nose while attending a party with two of her classmates. It's why my voice is so nasally.'Riley, 25, says she is not a carbon copy of her Glee character.'Mercedes and I share confidence,' the plus-size actress says. 'I love colour, but all the sneakers and neon and jewellery that she wears?

Yes they did, but they broke up in March 2011 No, they broke up in March 2011. All in all its a victory for Gleek fans and I for one am happy with that.It was never a good look to watch two women have a diva fight."So I don't know how many people would then watch a spinoff.We're off the air for a reason." Kevin also said that he thinks the show jumped the shark when they lost one of the show's stars.

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