Dropdownchoice not updating model

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You can nest multiple buttons if you want to vary submit behaviour.

= However, it is not necesary to use Wicket's button class, just putting e.g.= =20 Wicket will call on Submit when the user input is valid.

Often you have to write a lot of= code for parsing request parameters, validating and converting them into t= he actual types your POJOs use.=20 With Wicket things will be different: you won't have to write lots and l= ots of scaffolding: Wicket takes care of a lot of things: updating your POJ= Os, converting the user input taking localization into account, validating = the input, displaying internationalized messages when the input isn't valid= , etc.=20 =20 Most, if not all, Wicket form components will be discussed in the follow= ing sections.

The goal is not to be complete and show all possible uses of = each component, but to give an initial outline of how such a component can = be used.

See the chapter on database applications for more info= rmation.=20 =20 This component shows a plain listbox filled with the choices to choose f= rom.

The component only supports single selection values.

The list of choices can come from a dat= abase or be filled from your Java code.

It requires an input markup tag of = type 'radio':=20 =20 It is possible to construct more advanced methods of binding and creatin= g selection choices.

If you want you can = call validate() to execute form validation, has Error() to find out whether = validate() resulted in validation errors, and update Form Component Models() t= o update the models of nested form components.This is an integral p= art of dynamic web applications.Many web applications don't take localizat= ion and internationalization into account.Wicket will add a small piece of Java Scrip= t in order to generate the on Selection Changed(Object new Selection) event.=20 =20 In the following section you will learn what Wicket does when your user = presses the submit button.It is possible to add multiple buttons to a form= , so that you can perform different actions when the form is submitted.

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