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Get Help Our highly-trained advocates are available 24/7/365 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic violence, seeking resources or information, or questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship. Get Involved Making a difference in the lives of thousands of victims, survivors and their families is the best reason to give to The Hotline.

Every donation helps ensure someone is available to answer the most important call of a victim’s life.

This is perhaps Lynda Carter's scariest movie in her long sucession of thrillers.

I bought this on video and it is now considered vintage. I have been in love with Lynda Carter since I first saw her crowned as Miss America back in 1973.

Trans Lifeline volunteers are ready to respond to whatever support needs members of our community might have. This line is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis.

This includes people who may be struggling with their gender identity and are not sure that they are transgender.

His wife an aspiring singer who unwittingly comes into possession of several tapes ...

See full summary » A wealthy businessman is accused of murdering his wife to collect insurance money to pay gambling debts.

We need your help to make Trans Lifeline a 24/7 resource.

The Hotline is an excellent source of help for concerned friends, family, co-workers and others seeking information and guidance on how to help someone they know.

We work to educate communities all over through events, campaigns, and dynamic partnerships with companies ranging from The Avon Foundation to Verizon. It helped to just not to be afraid to talk about it, to make you feel like you’re not crazy — because you can get to a point where that’s exactly how you feel.

Up until then her she had been given lousy movies to work with.

The only consolation to some of her earlier films was that she was always brilliant eye candy and still is even now.

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