Eric stoltz dating laura linney

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Laura Linney may be a former Oscar nominee and one of Hollywood's most respected actresses, but she is by no means a household name. 'It is two o'clock in the afternoon and Linney, 38, who is in town to finish off filming Love Actually, Richard Curtis's latest project, has just joined me in the restaurant of the Electric club on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, west London.In other words she can still do her grocery shopping in a pair of sweatpants without getting bothered by anyone, and when she is riding on the subway in her native New York, nobody ever asks for her autograph. Just the other day, this fellow did come up and clap her on the back, telling her how much she looked like that actress Laura Linney. The joint is full of fastidiously louche types, none of whom so much as batted an eyelid when Linney first walked in, a primly dressed, perfectly slim figure of a woman in a little red jacket, sensible heeled boots and a slight tentativeness about her open, intelligent features, as though she wasn't really sure this was the place where she should be.But then, by her own admission, she has a fair bit of learning to do on the glamour front.'I've spent a lot of money on clothes in the past few years, more than I've ever done in my life,' she sweetly confesses.

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'It's got about 10 plots going and a huge cast, so no I didn't really get to know Hugh Grant, but I had a wonderful time making it. " 'Linney is actually here today to promote her latest film, The Life of David Gale, a psychological drama directed by Alan Parker, and also starring Kate Winslet and Kevin Spacey.It was a privilege to have her on our set.'Sorry this all sounds so gushy and luvvie,' he adds rather sheepishly, 'but everyone loves Laura.'The only child of Romulus Linney, a New York playwright, and Anne Perse, a nurse, Laura Legget Linney was born on Manhattan's Upper East Side.After her parents split up when she was six months old, she went to live with her mother where she spent a good deal of time with babysitters ('It was hard for my mom bringing me up on 12-hour shifts and, God bless her, she did it very well') and wowing her parents' friends with her grown-up ways.and yet each day she came to work and exuded the same good grace and humility during every single second she was with us.You only have to meet Laura for a few minutes to know that she is one of the most generous, intelligent and ego-free actors you could ever dream of working with.

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