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I obviously took it standing on the lou leaning over the curtains.

I will email the exact URL of the page it's on in your site to her when it's up.

When we discovered a swinger club near us we were able to try some things that we didn't dare do with friends.

Thur night at the club was singles night so there was always ten guys for every married couple.

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Fast forward to now, I'm late 20's, she's mid 20's.

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Since that night she and her FB have called it quits and she informed me she wanted to invite me to go on an overnight canoeing trip with her, but she felt I wouldn't go, so didn't.

I told her I would love to go and next time to call me.

At about that point I was on the road a lot going to various "dead" concerts around the country and I kept bumping into my ex's sister who was equally as beautiful and maybe even more curvy.

So after the 3rd bump into in the 3rd city we knew it was fate; of course that could have been the drugs and alcohol talking but whos really keeping track.

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