Error validating location

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It is like arguing with someone who is talking over you…

However, this method provides helpful feedback on password strength and username availability.

Providing feedback when the user leaves the field is probably the best default behavior because validation occurs after the entry is made explicit.

However, it can disrupt a user’s flow because it provides feedback after the user has moved on.

During our end-user testing we consistently observe two pitfalls that can end up making live inline validation more frustrating than helpful to the user: inline validation, 20% fail to address at least one of the above pitfalls.

It significantly enhances the usability and user experience of forms.

This article explains inline form validation and error handling design techniques.

This makes good sense since the general importance of live inline validation is well documented.

In fact, it is surprising that 40% of major e-commerce sites still don’t have inline validation.

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