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What he was simply referring to is that Estonian woman are far more attractive than their male counterparts. Well for every 100 men in Estonia there are 119 women, rising to almost 130 in the capital city Tallinn, comparing to 1/1 in Sweden.This phenomenon creates a high demand and competition for available men. Well Estonia has the highest number of international models per capita than any nation in the world. All those hours you spent in the gym, that funky new haircut, the expensive suit etc…! Well with the vast surplus of women that classic image of the man chasing the women has been reversed.

With no real comedy shows on TV and no internationally known comedian.” Not only is the girl hotter and easier to get with, you know that night out you want to go on with your friends, guess what? I know you are asking, before I quit my job and get on the ferry, what’s the catch?Well did you know that Estonian men live on average just 69 years, the lowest in the whole of the EU!Present figures show that in Tallinn alone 80% of high school students are living in single parent families.Although us men would almost certainly unite in saying having a few drinks with our friends would be preffered to putting up those shelves for the mother in law.

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