Facing rejection in dating

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The next time you get rejected, try to analyze the situation more carefully before you go on to feel sorry for yourself and sulk in a corner with wounds to your ego. Some people just cannot handle rejection well that they continue to persist and pursue someone in hopes that there would be a change of heart.Sometimes it is better to just accept the rejection and then move on to better things.When Ivy grants Alfred the slightest drop of attention during his visit from London, Alfred (in the midst of grieving his father's death) over-reacts to her modest affection with a proposal of marriage. Daisy's dignified goodbye is relevant for anyone struggling to accept the rejection by another.Ivy wants bigger and better things than she thinks Alfred can offer. It seems quite likely that Alfred will regret his choice for years to come. By learning to choose kinder, more available or otherwise more suitable partners, many clients eventually build healthier, happier relationships.Facing Rejection With Dignity Communicates Self Worth: When Lord Gillingham proposed to Lady Mary a few episode's back, Mary declared that she felt completely unable to contemplate marriage to anyone.

They may even discover that the person who dumped them did them a favor and that they are better off.But you must realize that rejection can happen to anyone. You learn to get up and move on faster in the process. When people get rejected by a date, they automatically think that it is their fault.They begin to blame themselves for the rejection and then get into the loser mode. Do not always think that the reason for the rejection is all about you. He or she may be blind or overlook what you have to offer.There must be something defective or she would have loved me the way I loved her -- with full abandon.As a therapist, part of my role is to help people come to terms with rejection.

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