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Finite element models of current structures often behave differently than the structure itself.Model updating techniques are used to enhance the capabilities of the numerical model such that it behaves like the real structure.This paper studies how a Bayesian updating framework behaves when both static and dynamic data are used to updated the model.Displacements at specific structure locations are obtained for static tests using a computer vision method.Essential elements on vibration testing and analysis are explained and these include the domains in which data can be represented.These domains are in the modal, frequency and time–frequency spaces.High density mode shapes and natural frequencies are obtained using a moving accelerometer structure.The static data and the modal characteristics are combined in a Bayesian modal updating technique that accounts for the incompleteness and uncertainty of the data as well as the possible nonuniqueness of the solution.

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Finite element model updating has emerged in the 1990s as a subject of immense importance to the design, construction and maintenance of mechanical systems and civil engineering structures.

This book, the first on the subject, sets out to explain the principles of model updating, not only as a research text, but also as a guide for the practising engineer who wants to get acquainted with, or use, updating techniques.

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