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Among Balboa's best-nurtured tales is that Gillette never spent a night in the place.

In a feature story last year, Beatrix Padway, whose father-in-law once owned the place, opined, "Gillette never moved in because his wife fell in love with the architect and they ran off." This year's Times version has it that just as Gillette and a convoy of moving vans approached, a wave of biblical proportions swept over the roof, whereupon Gillette turned tail, ne'er to return.

(not C.) Gillette, the son, not the inventor of the safety razor, who bought the site and built the home in 1925 (not '26), after Newport contractor Paul B.

The town's capacity for myth-making is nearly as predictable as the tides that bathe it. A fine example was encapsuled in a Times article (April 10) about an architectural monument at the tip of the Balboa peninsula known as the "King Gillette Mansion." Properly speaking, it was King G.

After sprucing it up, the Baileys sold in 1972 to Dr. Reflecting a continuing rise in real estate values, the showplace sold again in 1976, this time for 5,000.

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