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In such circumstances you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by email or telephone.

• Where it is necessary for the performance of a contract, this will cover the majority of the processing we undertake with regards to providing you with the products and services requested from us and administering your account.

We have a policy of only retaining your personal data for as long as we need it.

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You can contact us at our head office address: Manheim Customer Relations Head office Leeds Road Rothwell West Yorks.

a) all Vehicles only come with those representations and warranties described in clauses 1 and 82 (save where Sure Check applies); and b) it has no rights against Manheim in respect of the quality, condition or merchantability of the Vehicles (save where Sure Check applies); and c) Manheim does not conduct any Safety Recall checks; and d) prior to making any Offer in respect of any Vehicle, it will satisfy itself regarding the value and condition of the Vehicle by inspecting them and / or making such other background checks as are prudent and sensible.

a) at least in so far as it relates to title, to rescind the Contract of Sale (subject to the time limit specified below) and be refunded the Purchase Price in full and final settlement of any claim the Purchaser may have; or b) if a sufficiently material misrepresentation has been made, to rescind in accordance with clause 49(a) or alternatively (and in all other circumstances where not a sufficiently material misrepresentation) to retain possession of the Vehicle and claim for any losses directly suffered by the Purchaser (subject to the time limits set out in clause 50 below and subject at all times to the restrictions set out in clause 2 and exclusions and caps on liability set out at clauses 18 to 20).

References in this privacy policy to the ‘Cox Automotive Group’ should be taken to include all of these companies: • Cox Automotive UK Ltd • Cox Automotive Retail Solutions Ltd • Manheim UK Ltd • Nextgear Capital Ltd • uk Ltd • Dealer Auction Ltd • Money4Ltd • Movex Logistics Ltd • Kingfisher Systems Ltd • RMS Automotive • Modix UK Ltd If you wish to contact our Head of Privacy & Data Protection, you can do so by emailing [email protected] What we do with your personal information Manheim Ltd collects and uses personal data relating to you such as name, address, email addresses etc when you complete registration forms or send emails to us.

We may also record telephone calls made to telephone numbers included on our website.

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