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We was jist kinda wonderin, said Myron as he continued to stare hungrily at Hayley, maybe we could git some of what ya was givin yer boyfriend? A knot of cold terror began to form in Hayleys stomach. With his other hand, he grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back, forcing her down to her knees. Jist give us what we want, and well let ya go, Cyrus growled. Myron said excitedly as he stepped forward, beginning to unzip his pants. All the motivational speeches from the coach, all the fans in the stands, that was nothing! Just thinking its a beautiful day and thinking how beautiful you are too! Connor couldnt help but notice how her gorgeous tits pushed out the front of her dress. During the whole game, all Connor could think of was Hayley. The Maxwells were one of the oldest and richest families in Pine Valley. With his curly brown hair, athletic, muscular body and rugged good looks, Connor was extremely popular with all the girls in school. As far as he was concerned, he could fuck the hottest Playboy Playmate or Hollywood actress and it still wouldnt compare with that first night he and Hayley had made love together. Hayleys family owned a large lake cabin at Lake Wannamee, a popular summer resort area about an hour and a half from Pine Valley. As a matter of fact, I think Im going to give you a little preview. Connor whipped over to the side of the road and braked to a stop. Her great-great grandfather had pretty well founded the town. Connor was planning to become a lawyer himself too, along with aspirations of getting into the NFL someday. He could pretty well pick and choose whom he wanted. They had started dating just a couple weeks before the school football team was due to play in the state football championship. Its only a few more miles to Bear Creek and then only another 6 miles from there to Lake Wannamee. She had asked her dad if she could have some friends out to the cabin for the weekend to celebrate the end of school. However, what Hayleys dad didnt know was that the only people going to the cabin were Hayley and Connor! He jumped a bit as he suddenly felt a soft hand on his leg. Hayleys hand suddenly pulled down the zipper of his shorts. She began to pull his eight-inch cock out of his shorts.

The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. This story contains gangrape; violence; oral; anal; and bondage. Yeah, for the weekend, replied Connor Yeah, we git a lot o ya young folk travellin through here in the summertime. In your dreams, you old pig, he thought as he began to walk back to the car. God only knows what kind of disease a person could catch in this place, she thought to herself with disgust. She didnt pay any heed to the three men standing beside the truck either. He had a spacey, unfocussed stare that reminded Hayley of someone who was mentally disabled. Bet you young folk is headin up to Lake Wannamee, aint ya? She had had to lay some toilet paper out on the seat before she sat down. Hayley shrugged her shoulders and continued walking. Hayley noted it appeared to have the remains of several meals smeared on it. Dont see too many young pretty girls like yerself round this town. Hayleys dad was also campaigning to become a state senator. As quarterback of the football team, he had led them to a state championship, the schools first in fifteen years. He was also a star pitcher on the schools baseball team and was a very talented hockey player too. Still, he had been very intimidated by Hayley Maxwell. He still had to pinch himself every now and then to make himself believe it was real. Sure, at times, she could be your typical little spoiled rich bitch, but Connor didnt care. He and Hayley hadnt done anything serious except for a bit of heavy petting and a couple blowjobs. She told him she was a virgin and she wanted to have sex but she wanted to wait until just the right time. He knew the longer he was made to wait, the more special it would be when it did finally happen. Hayley wanted to have a romantic weekend at the lake with just the two of them. Especially after what she had said to him on the phone a few evenings earlier. Connor let out a gasp of surprise as her fingers slipped inside and closed around his throbbing erection. He could feel the cool wind blowing on him as her fingers stroked his shaft. Then Hayley had told him the night before the big game, Connor, you win tomorrow, and Im yours! The gorgeous blonde teen stretched her arms out above her head and arched her back, letting out a yawn.

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