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The victim clicked on the link within the text message and entered their personal information.

Armed with this information, the fraudsters then called the victim back and persuaded them to hand over their banking authentication code from their mobile phone.

If you have received a suspicious TSB email, please do not respond to it, report it here and also forward it to [email protected] Every Report Matters.

If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, report it to us online or by calling 03.

This includes all Enhanced Profiles and Donor Profiles.

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Fraudsters used specialist software which changed the sender ID on the message so that it looked like it was from TSB.

This added the spoofed text to an existing TSB message thread on the victim’s phone.

The increase in the number of reports corresponds with the timing of TSB’s computer system update, which resulted in 1.9 million users being locked out of their accounts.

Opportunistic fraudsters are using TSB’s system issue to target people with this type of fraud.

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