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[ cover star opens up about her messy split from Fifth Harmony.

ICYMI, in December 2016, the four remaining members of 5H released a statement announcing the 21-year-old's departure.

Amongst the styling, there was this piece that was made out of stones that was actually in pretty poor shape — it had about half as many stones as the final result — and it was very heavy and uncomfortable. She was ready to try it even though it was awkward and uncomfortable. Britney’s people called literally 36 hours before the photo shoot and she had all of these extremely elaborate ideas.

The shoot was meant to be a photobook for her Onyx Hotel tour, but it’s transcended into so many applications over the years.

In 2013 Indrani directed David Bowie's "Valentine's Day" video, about which Eric Danton of Rolling Stone says Bowie "radiates intensity" as well as music videos for Mary J. "The Legend of Lady White Snake" short film was written and directed by Indrani, inspired by an ancient Chinese story, with a poem by Neil Gaiman, "The Hidden Chamber" "Till Human Voices Wake Us", a short film produced by Rick Schwartz (Black Swan, Gangs of New York), was written and directed by Indrani, creative directed and executive produced by GK Reid, and stars Lindsay Lohan and a dozen new actresses the team discovered through a large talent search.Looking fabulous is one thing, but putting up with frustrated photographers is another, so Lady Gaga walks off the set - shiny crystals and all.Despite the tension, Klinko is really "gaga" over the singer, saying "There couldn't be anybody I would consider more important and more the ultimate symbol of pop culture than Lady Gaga." Maybe he should have said that to her face before she walked off the photo shoot.NEW YORK (CBS) Lady Gaga is used to wearing outrageous and other-worldly outfits whether she's performing on stage or walking the red carpet, but when she's asked to pose in a 50-pound crystal dress for a Hello Kitty-inspired photo shoot she finds out there are bigger divas out there than she - the photographers themselves!On the upcoming July 13th episode of Bravo's "Double Exposure", an original docu-series that follows well-respected, celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani along with stylist GK Reid, Lady Gaga almost passes out when the heat literally turns up as Klinko and Indrani bicker over the shot.

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