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As a rule of thumb, I think that anyone who hopes to improve skill in a particular area should devote an hour or more each day to practice that can be done with full concentration.For purposeful or deliberate practice to be effective, you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone and maintain your focus, but those are mentally draining activities.

They have generally developed various habits that help them keep going.Another key motivational factor in deliberate practice is a belief that you can succeed.In order to push yourself when you really don’t feel like it, you must believe that you can improve and—particularly for people shooting to become expert performers—that you can rank among the best.Eventually you stop altogether, and you don’t start up again.What can we learn from expert performers about what it takes to keep going? It may seem natural to assume that these people who maintain intense practice schedules for years have some rare gift of willpower or “grit” or “stick-toitiveness” that the rest of us just lack, but that would be a mistake for two very compelling reasons.

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